Superb – protein styling gel is economically formulated with a firm flexible hold to provide more beautiful and long lasting styles.

It will not leave deposits or cause flaking and is easy to work with. This is the preferred choice for most hair stylists and home users.

It protects and enhance the health of hair and scalp during and after styling.

(available in bucket 4kg or bag 2kg)

We invite you to talk with our courteous sales representatives over the phone that assist with specific territories across the island: 


Kadian Kilbourne – Kingston, Spanish Town, May Pen, Old Harbour and Portmore (contact no: 5058635) 


Alman Brown – Manchester, St.Ann, St.Mary, St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Portland (contact no: 8338315)


Deleen Taylor  – St. James, Hanover, St. Ann, Westmoreland (contact no: 5822762)


Also feel free to call 6349259 for wholesale or distributor prices for WOW & Superb products today!


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