WOW Comb-Free Super Softner, is designed to instantly condition, soften and detangle the hair on contact. It is rich in moisture and will also improve moisture retention in hair.

It is highly recommended as a detangler and softner for use on braids, weaves and wigs.

It can be used in all hair types. It reduces frizz and fly-a-ways.

Styling will never be more enjoyable and easy.

Prices to discussed with Sales Rep over the phone for various regions:

Kadian Kilbourne – Kingston, Spanish Town, May Pen, Old Harbour and Portmore ( contact no: 5058635)

Alman Brown – Manchester, St.Ann, St.Mary, St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Portland ( contact no: 8338315)

Deleen Taylor  – St. James, Hanover, St. Ann, Westmoreland (contact no: 5822762)

Ps. Wholesale or Distributor prices available.

Phone Number

138 Orange Street, Downtown, Kingston